How Bernie Sanders Lost the Black Vote Long Before Super Tuesday

Bernie Sanders didn’t lose the black vote on Super Tuesday—he lost it a long time ago.

Last summer, one of the most telling and memorable moments of the still-nascent Democratic presidential race took shape when two protesters affiliated with the "Black Lives Matter" movement interrupted the Vermont senator at a Social Security rally in Seattle, demanding his microphone and overtaking him at the podium. Despite the chorus of boos from a disappointed crowd, organizers failed to regain control of the event, prompting Sanders to cancel the speech and leave the premises. The disruption only lasted four and a half minutes, but that’s all it took for Sanders—an active participant in the 1960s civil rights movement and a proponent of reforming the country’s racially biased criminal justice system—to become "just another out-of-touch old white dude" in the eyes of many African Americans...

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